"Bridging the gap between the Digital Arts and Patent Law"


PatentVentures provides patent-related services and resources principally for corporations and patent firms. Our consulting clientele hire us for our unique overlapping expertise in the digital arts and patent law. Typical clients are high-tech electronics companies and law-firms.


"Understanding and exploiting relationships unseen by others"


Senior Members of the Technical Staff:


Bennett Smith
Registered Patent Agent,
Senior Member of the IEEE,
Managing "Partner"

Korbin Van Dyke
Registered Patent Agent,
Member of the IEEE,
Member of the ACM


Premium Consulting Services for Computer, Communications, and Networking Companies, and their Legal Counsel


Our work is characterized by thoroughness, quality, insightful understanding of the technology, and the ability to get the job done with a minimum burden on you and your key contributors. Our services will be cost-effective for those who value the foregoing attributes. We only take on projects that are of major strategic importance to the client, generally corresponding to significant amounts of work.


Experts in Computer Engineering, Digital Systems, and Integrated Circuits


We have extensive design backgrounds in computer systems, microprocessor logic, and integrated circuits. Smith is a co-inventor on 6 computer related patents and is a co-author of a text on microprocessor and computer systems design. Van Dyke is a co-inventor on 40 computer related patents.



Drafting and Review of Strategic Patent Applications and Claims


We specialize in strategic patent applications and claims in the digital arts, particularly computer related hardware and systems.

Intellectual Property Management and Auditing


Smith has managed the patent portfolio for a start-up company that was acquired for $850-million. Working with your counsel as required, we perform pre-issue and pre-acquisition auditing of claims and portfolios and offer preliminary assessments of claim relevance.


Liaison to Legal Counsel for the Corporate Executive


We provide an interface to outside legal counsel; audit or contribute claims in strategic patent applications; help outside legal counsel understand the technology with a minimum burden on key contributors and executive staff; assist counsel with infringement analysis; and assist outside patent practitioners respond to problematic patent office rejections.


Support for Legal Counsel and the Courts


We provide support for litigation or patent application activities, including adeptly explaining complex concepts to the lay person; helping with claim construction; review of specification requirements; comparing patent claims to accused products or the prior art; identifying and explaining the key documents from within thousands of pages; performing high quality invalidity searches; and identifying and explaining the shortcomings of the asserted prior art.



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