Why does the contact info look different?



The contact info is an image, not text.


Yes, I realize that the image is just a tad fuzzy. There is a tradeoff between the sharpness of the image and how quickly the image downloads. I chose to make the image load more quickly.


Why not use a "mailto" link?


Spam (junk email) is a serious problem for us, as it is for anyone posting their email address on the web. While more convenient for users, these mailto links are easily harvested by spam-bots. By using an image, automated capture of our email address is less likely.


Where is our fax number?


Junk faxes are another serious problem, for similar reasons. If you really need to send us something via fax and we know you, call us and well be glad to give it to you.


Is your email to us getting rejected or not acknowledged?


Because of the high level of spam we've received in the past, our threshold for rejecting dubious emails is pretty low. E.g., our spam filters by default reject anything from addresses at places that create far more spam than real mail (yahoo, hotmail, excite, lycos, etc).


If your email is getting rejected and we know you, leave us voicemail and we'll be glad to create a spam filter rule that accepts your address.


Also, please use a subject line that is somehow suggestive of something specific. Leaving the subject blank or using a common spam tease line (like remember me?) makes it much less likely that your email will be differentiated from the spam.



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