Bennett Smith


Bennett Smith (1993 photo at left) is a consultant in microprocessors, computing-platforms, and related intellectual property. He is co-inventor on eight computer related patents (branch prediction, multiprocessing) and co-authored a graduate-level text: “The Anatomy of a High- Performance Microprocessor: A Systems Perspective,” an IEEE Computer Society Press best-seller in 1999.


Smith received his BSEE in 1980 from Texas A&M and subsequently worked as an IC designer at Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard. In 1984, Smith received his MSEE from UC Berkeley where he studied microprocessor logic design and wrote a thesis under Dr. Nick Tredennick. He worked on processor projects during 1984-1989 at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (on the Micro/370) and at NexGen (on the Nx586, as employee number 6).  Smith did design and intellectual property consulting during 1989-1992 for Tredennick, Incorporated.  Smith became a patent agent in late 1992 and managed NexGen's intellectual property activities during 1993-1995.  (Full resume available in PDF.)


Since 1993 Smith has focused on providing strategic technical consulting and related intellectual property services to high-tech companies and their legal counsel. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and is based in the greater Austin, Texas, area.