Dave Holt

President & CEO
Lightspeed Semiconductor


"We have had a very positive experience and have been very pleased and satisfied in working with PatentVentures. Bennett and Korbin have been very responsive, very knowledgeable about the patent process, have provided excellent insight on the patent process ins & outs, and came up to speed on our technology very quickly. We also appreciate the diligence, dedication, and focus that PatentVentures has shown in getting a recent important application completed on short notice."


Nick Tredennick

Gilder Technology Report


"I have worked with Bennett professionally at various times for twenty years (Berkeley, IBM, NexGen, and my company). While Bennett worked at my company, I encouraged him to become a patent agent because he is both intelligent and meticulous. I hired Korbin at NexGen. Both are outstanding engineers I would be pleased to work with on any project. Their deep technical understanding in microprocessors and in VLSI systems and expertise in patent law is a rare and valuable combination."


S. Sani

Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP


"Korbin combines his skills in analyzing very complex technologies with a talent for explaining them in clear and concise terms that are understandable by those without much technical experience. This combination along with great instincts as to what needs the focus of his attention have made his contributions to a project involving the evaluation of a relatively large microprocessor patent portfolio invaluable."


Steven Przybylski

President/Principal Consultant
Verdande Group, Inc.

"I highly recommend the services of PatentVentures to inventors, entrepreneurs and attorneys alike. Bennett and Korbin assisted me with an important project over the course of two and a half years and they contributed significantly to its overall success. In particular, their ability to recognize and enforceably claim the full extent of the disclosed invention was critical."



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